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Women's Knee Length Dresses

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Strapless Diana to Knee DressStrapless Diana to Knee Dress
Strapless Shirred Front to Knee DressStrapless Shirred Front to Knee Dress
Save $75V-Neck Shirred Knee-Length DressV-Neck Shirred Knee-Length Dress
Norma Kamali
V-Neck Shirred Knee-Length Dress Sale price$220 Regular price$295
Save $75
Strapless Dress To KneeStrapless Dress To Knee
Long Sleeve Turtleneck Side Slit GownLong Sleeve Turtleneck Side Slit Gown
Diana Mini DressDiana Mini Dress
Drop Shoulder DressDrop Shoulder Dress
Diana To-The-Knee DressDiana To-The-Knee Dress
Cayla Side Drape GownCayla Side Drape Gown
Merino Rib DressMerino Rib Dress
Merino Rib Dress Sale price$708
Save $150Kesana Sleeveless Sheath DressKesana Sleeveless Sheath Dress
HUGO - Red
Kesana Sleeveless Sheath Dress Sale price$225 Regular price$375
Save $150
Save $150Kirine DressKirine Dress
HUGO - Red
Kirine Dress Sale price$225 Regular price$375
Save $150
Save $70Nemalia Fitted Jersey DressNemalia Fitted Jersey Dress
HUGO - Red
Nemalia Fitted Jersey Dress Sale price$105 Regular price$175
Save $70
Save $45Sloane DressSloane Dress
Dress the Population
Sloane Dress Sale price$165 Regular price$210
Save $45
Save $106Strapless Lamé Diana GownStrapless Lamé Diana Gown
Norma Kamali
Strapless Lamé Diana Gown Sale price$314 Regular price$420
Save $106
Diana One-Shoulder Mini DressDiana One-Shoulder Mini Dress
Save $66Long Sleeve Side Draped GownLong Sleeve Side Draped Gown
Norma Kamali
Long Sleeve Side Draped Gown Sale price$194 Regular price$260
Save $66
Save $744Cotton Ribbed Midi SkirtCotton Ribbed Midi Skirt
Miu Miu
Cotton Ribbed Midi Skirt Sale price$684 Regular price$1,428
Save $744
Save $1,432Puff Sleeve SundressPuff Sleeve Sundress
Puff Sleeve Sundress Sale price$356 Regular price$1,788
Save $1,432
Save $933Sleeveless Fringe-Trimmed DressSleeveless Fringe-Trimmed Dress
Sleeveless Fringe-Trimmed Dress Sale price$625 Regular price$1,558
Save $933
Save $753Fringe-Detailed One Shoulder DressFringe-Detailed One Shoulder Dress
Fringe-Detailed One Shoulder Dress Sale price$505 Regular price$1,258
Save $753
Save $663Two-Toned Fringe DressTwo-Toned Fringe Dress
Two-Toned Fringe Dress Sale price$445 Regular price$1,108
Save $663
Save $574Logo Strap Sleeveless DressLogo Strap Sleeveless Dress
Logo Strap Sleeveless Dress Sale price$574 Regular price$1,148
Save $574
Save $648Hielo Backless Cut-Out DressHielo Backless Cut-Out Dress
Hielo Backless Cut-Out Dress Sale price$760 Regular price$1,408
Save $648
Save $1,476Shetland Double Face Puff Sleeve Knit DressShetland Double Face Puff Sleeve Knit Dress
Bottega Veneta
Shetland Double Face Puff Sleeve Knit Dress Sale price$1,362 Regular price$2,838
Save $1,476
Save $913FF Embossed Sleeveless DressFF Embossed Sleeveless Dress
FF Embossed Sleeveless Dress Sale price$1,375 Regular price$2,288
Save $913
Save $1,193Art Print Long Sleeve DressArt Print Long Sleeve Dress
Art Print Long Sleeve Dress Sale price$1,455 Regular price$2,648
Save $1,193
Save $3,368Golden Cady DressGolden Cady Dress
Golden Cady Dress Sale price$2,100 Regular price$5,468
Save $3,368
Sold outSave $1,393Pointelle Long Sleeve DressPointelle Long Sleeve Dress
Pointelle Long Sleeve Dress Sale price$1,515 Regular price$2,908
Sold outSave $1,393
Save $2,918Silk V-Neck Pleated DressSilk V-Neck Pleated Dress
Silk V-Neck Pleated Dress Sale price$2,200 Regular price$5,118
Save $2,918
Save $1,626Kimono Sleeve DressKimono Sleeve Dress
Kimono Sleeve Dress Sale price$1,332 Regular price$2,958
Save $1,626
Save $420One Shoulder Crepe DressOne Shoulder Crepe Dress
Acne Studios
One Shoulder Crepe Dress Sale price$268 Regular price$688
Save $420
Save $599Sleeveless Rea Shirt Mini DressSleeveless Rea Shirt Mini Dress
1017 Alyx 9SM
Sleeveless Rea Shirt Mini Dress Sale price$389 Regular price$988
Save $599
Save $348Keikok Denim DressKeikok Denim Dress
Keikok Denim Dress Sale price$350 Regular price$698
Save $348
Save $1,525Organic Heavy Poplin Drop Cocoon DressOrganic Heavy Poplin Drop Cocoon Dress
Save $1,525
Save $586Organic Compact Cotton Jersey DressOrganic Compact Cotton Jersey Dress
Alexander McQueen
Organic Compact Cotton Jersey Dress Sale price$588 Regular price$1,174
Save $586
Save $1,287Lapel Collared U-Lock DressLapel Collared U-Lock Dress
Lapel Collared U-Lock Dress Sale price$1,575 Regular price$2,862
Save $1,287
Sold outSave $602Embroidered Collar T-Shirt DressEmbroidered Collar T-Shirt Dress
Embroidered Collar T-Shirt Dress Sale price$735 Regular price$1,337
Sold outSave $602
Sold outSave $1,023Sleeveless Back Tie DressSleeveless Back Tie Dress
Sleeveless Back Tie Dress Sale price$1,890 Regular price$2,913
Sold outSave $1,023
Save $241Monogram Sweater DressMonogram Sweater Dress
Monogram Sweater Dress Sale price$258 Regular price$499
Save $241