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‘Fashion’ is a universal language that requires no words. The messages it carries can be interpreted in 7.8 billion ways and evolves constantly. It does not have the space to differentiate between age, race, skin color, gender, sexual preferences, sexual orientation, or physical abilities – P, DIHSAN.

Diversity is the root of all the beauty in this world. This speaks true to the heart of fashion and at DIHSAN we do not operate or live our lives in any other way.We take pride in all of the bright lights who continuously breathe life into the world with their diverse talents, ideas, opinions, and masterful contributions. DIHSAN supports and stands for one and all, welcoming, encouraging, and celebrating individuality and freedom to be themselves inside and outside of the workplace.

Rooted in our fundamental values, DIHSAN is fully committed to extending this support and celebration to our trusted partners and collaborators, valued customers and community members, and all within and outside of our industry whom we have not yet met. While shining the spotlight on such an important matter, we are not blind to the fact significant changes still need to happen for equality and inclusivity not just to this industry, but to society itself. 

DIHSAN is committed to continual learning, re-learning, and active positive participation by taking any steps necessary to fight against systemic inequality and close this dark, harrowing gap. It is a privilege to be a part of an industry where individuality brings people together rather than divides, and we will work continuously and tirelessly to honor that. For those who cannot fundamentally agree with this, we can assure you that DIHSAN is not the right fit for you. And in the words of Jacquemus: “My bags don’t want you”.

With Love,