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Women's Long Dresses

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Strapless Modal Diana XL GownStrapless Modal Diana XL Gown
Strapless Diana Gown XLStrapless Diana Gown XL
Save $55Halter Turtleneck Side Slit GownHalter Turtleneck Side Slit Gown
Norma Kamali
Halter Turtleneck Side Slit Gown Sale price$160 Regular price$215
Save $55
Strapless Dress To KneeStrapless Dress To Knee
Long Sleeve Turtleneck Side Slit GownLong Sleeve Turtleneck Side Slit Gown
Strapless Lamé Fishtail GownStrapless Lamé Fishtail Gown
Strapless Fishtail Dress To MidcalfStrapless Fishtail Dress To Midcalf
Halter Turtleneck Fish Tail GownHalter Turtleneck Fish Tail Gown
Off Shoulder Fishtail GownOff Shoulder Fishtail Gown
Save $150Kleoma Satin Shirt DressKleoma Satin Shirt Dress
HUGO - Red
Kleoma Satin Shirt Dress Sale price$225 Regular price$375
Save $150
Save $150Kirellu Lace Detail DressKirellu Lace Detail Dress
HUGO - Red
Kirellu Lace Detail Dress Sale price$225 Regular price$375
Save $150
Save $160Sharren Knitted Polo DressSharren Knitted Polo Dress
HUGO - Red
Sharren Knitted Polo Dress Sale price$235 Regular price$395
Save $160
Save $66Viola DressViola Dress
Dress the Population
Viola Dress Sale price$289 Regular price$355
Save $66
Save $205Zella Silk-Blend GownZella Silk-Blend Gown
Cami NYC
Zella Silk-Blend Gown Sale price$450 Regular price$655
Save $205
Save $66Long Sleeve Side Draped GownLong Sleeve Side Draped Gown
Norma Kamali
Long Sleeve Side Draped Gown Sale price$194 Regular price$260
Save $66
Save $125Sleeveless Crewneck Fishtail GownSleeveless Crewneck Fishtail Gown
Norma Kamali
Sleeveless Crewneck Fishtail Gown Sale price$370 Regular price$495
Save $125
Save $109Spliced Fishtail GownSpliced Fishtail Gown
Norma Kamali
Spliced Fishtail Gown Sale price$326 Regular price$435
Save $109
Save $2,914V-Neck Floral Lace Maxi DressV-Neck Floral Lace Maxi Dress
V-Neck Floral Lace Maxi Dress Sale price$2,384 Regular price$5,298
Save $2,914
Save $208Suzanne Long DressSuzanne Long Dress
Saks Potts
Suzanne Long Dress Sale price$190 Regular price$398
Save $208
Save $616Jacquard Knit Sweater DressJacquard Knit Sweater Dress
Jacquard Knit Sweater Dress Sale price$922 Regular price$1,538
Save $616
Save $753Sequined One Shoulder DressSequined One Shoulder Dress
Sequined One Shoulder Dress Sale price$495 Regular price$1,248
Save $753
Sold outSave $284Shoulder Bow Long DressShoulder Bow Long Dress
MM6 Maison Margiela
Shoulder Bow Long Dress Sale price$284 Regular price$568
Sold outSave $284
Save $892Banded Short Sleeve Maxi DressBanded Short Sleeve Maxi Dress
Jil Sander
Banded Short Sleeve Maxi Dress Sale price$966 Regular price$1,858
Save $892
Save $396Terraio Linen Maxi SkirtTerraio Linen Maxi Skirt
Terraio Linen Maxi Skirt Sale price$462 Regular price$858
Save $396
Sold outSave $718La Robe Novio Maxi DressLa Robe Novio Maxi Dress
La Robe Novio Maxi Dress Sale price$840 Regular price$1,558
Sold outSave $718
Save $1,123Cashmere Maxi DressCashmere Maxi Dress
Cashmere Maxi Dress Sale price$1,245 Regular price$2,368
Save $1,123
Save $1,440Micro Cable Wool Fitted DressMicro Cable Wool Fitted Dress
Micro Cable Wool Fitted Dress Sale price$668 Regular price$2,108
Save $1,440
Save $1,240Metallic Ribbed-Knit Turtleneck DressMetallic Ribbed-Knit Turtleneck Dress
Metallic Ribbed-Knit Turtleneck Dress Sale price$818 Regular price$2,058
Save $1,240
Save $600Crochet Halterneck Maxi DressCrochet Halterneck Maxi Dress
1017 Alyx 9SM
Crochet Halterneck Maxi Dress Sale price$588 Regular price$1,188
Save $600
Save $569Halter Front Knotted Maxi DressHalter Front Knotted Maxi Dress
1017 Alyx 9SM
Halter Front Knotted Maxi Dress Sale price$499 Regular price$1,068
Save $569
Sold outSave $1,975Strapless Sweetheart Neck Chiffon DressStrapless Sweetheart Neck Chiffon Dress
Alexander McQueen
Strapless Sweetheart Neck Chiffon Dress Sale price$2,412 Regular price$4,387
Sold outSave $1,975
Sold outSave $3,798Sequin Slit DressSequin Slit Dress
Sequin Slit Dress Sale price$1,909 Regular price$5,707
Sold outSave $3,798