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Code of Ethics

DIHSAN (together with its subsidiaries, the “Company”) recognizes that it has inherent responsibilities that go beyond business performance and financial results. The Company is committed to upholding the highest moral, legal and ethical standards in all aspects of its business and requires each officer, director and associate to act with integrity in his or her dealings on behalf of the Company, including with Company associates, customers, suppliers, service providers, other business partners, competitors and other stakeholders.

This Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (this “Code”) has been established by the Company to offer a framework for its officers, directors, and associates to achieve this goal. This Code addresses a broad variety of corporate practices and processes. It does not address every issue that may arise, but it establishes fundamental principles to govern your interactions with the Company. Many of these concepts are further defined in the Associate Handbook and the individual Company rules referred to in this Code.

Those who breach the standards in this Code or any of the key rules outlined below shall face disciplinary action, including termination. If you suspect you are in a situation that may violate or lead to a violation of this Code, please notify the proper services listed in Section 13.